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The EasyCAT PRO is a module for interfacing the EtherCAT® Bus with generic microcontroller and CPU such as: PIC, ARM, etc... to create EtherCAT® Slave Devices.
EasyCAT PRO是一個模塊,將EtherCAT®總線與通用微控制器CPU(例如PIC,ARM等)連接起來,以創建EtherCAT®從設備
The EasyCAT PRO allows to exchange on the bus EtherCAT® 32 byte in input and 32 byte in output, configurable up to 128 byte. The communication is totally managed in Hardware and the exchange of data with the processor is made via SPI.
EasyCAT PRO允許在總線上交換EtherCAT®32字節輸入和32字節輸出,最多可配置128字節。 通信完全由硬件管理,與處理器的數據交換是通過SPI完成的。
The EasyCAT PRO can support three types of synchronization: Free RUN, SM Sync and Distributed Clocks.
EasyCAT PRO可支持三種類型的同步:Free RUN,SM Sync和Distributed Clocks。
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The EasyCAT board is shipped configured for 32+32 bytes, I.E. it is capable to exchange, out of the box, 32 bytes in input and 32 bytes in output, with an EtherCAT® master.
EasyCAT板配置為32 + 32字節,I.E。 它能夠與EtherCAT®主機交換開箱即用的32字節輸入和32字節輸出。
This is very simple, as everything is already defined and the user has nothing to do other than accessing the input/output variables in his application, but, in some situations, it may be useful to modify this fixed pattern, to better meet our needs. For instance it could be required to exchange more than 32+32 bytes, or to customize the names and the data types of the variables, in order to use them in a more comfortable way in our application.
非常簡單,因為一切都已經定義,用戶除了訪問應用程序中的輸入/輸出變量外沒有其他操作,但在某些情況下,修改這固定模式可能會有用,以更好地滿足我們的需求。 例如,需要交換超過32 + 32個字節,或者自定義變量的名稱和數據類型,以便在我們的應用程序中更舒適的使用它們。
The Easy Configurator is a software tool that allows you to do this in a simple and immediate way without having to dig into the complexity of the EtherCAT® specifications.
Easy Configurator是軟件工具,讓您以簡單直接的方式完成此操作,無需深入了解EtherCAT®複雜的規範。