I had been china for cim office test

Following is my test score for cim offoce test. This test got off to a good start for us. We know if we want to be the best, we need more and more arrangement. This is the only method for further. Just do it. Do what do you want to do for further. Fighting !!
圖片 0021

這次大陸測CIM結果還不錯, 過程中也讓我對事業有了深一層的了解, 我絶對不能有所放鬆, 務必做好各職充分的準備, 專業/紀律的本意就是這樣, 所以才會把這兩字綉在制服的左右側, 就是要提醒自己, 這樣做符合專業/紀律的要意嗎 ! 若不是就是代表準備的不夠, 以上, 共勉之 !!