EasyPLC transforms your PC in an automatic control system, using the computer ports. Make programs in the same languages used in the industry to learn the world of PLC's without investing in expensive hardware systems.


You can program in Ladder language, you can create complex programs with a simple graphic language easily.
EasyPLC can be programmed in Grafcet language useful if you want to write sequence programs.
With Logic blocks functions you can wire the controls in a very easy way
Script language allows you to introduce blocks inside the PLC program (functions and procedures) written in language VbScrip. From the EasyPLC VbScript module, you will have access to all the PLC elements (inputs, outputs, memories, timers, data stack, and more.), as well as Console controls (messages, images, labels, graphics,...).  In this way you will be able to write potent programs in few code lines.


The external drivers is one of the EasyPLC extensibility tools.
Through this system, any user with programming skills can develop their own communication libraries between any hardware device, any software or utility and EasyPLC.

GRAFCET = Sequential Fonctional Chart = SFC

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/easyplc09